Jitāri (940-1000)

Given dates (all in the Common Era) are approximate and represent the upper and lower possible extremes of the person's lifetime.

Besides the Tibetan rendering of the name Dzitāri we also find Dzetāri = *Jetāri (cf. Tucci 1956 p. 250) and *Guhyajitāri (Dietz, ed. 1981 p. 45). He was a teacher of: Atiśa (cf. Roerich 1949 p. 243) and Durvekamiśra (Hetubinduṭīkāloka (p. 411.2 in Sanghavi and Muni Śrī Jambuvijayaji, eds. 1949); Dharmottarapradīpa (pp. 149.24 and 257.23 in Malvania, ed. 1955).

Life dates: ca. 940–1000, t.p. Bhāsarvajña (cf. Shirasaki 1978), t.a. Ratnakīrti (Thakur, ed. 1957 31,22, 101,17); cf. also Dietz, ed. 1981 p. 46f. and Tucci 1956, pp. 250–252; on life and works cf. Shirasaki 1987. pp. 139–161.

The sequence of Jitāri's works is undetermined. Thakur (Introduction in Thakur, ed. 1957 p. 18) says that a Prajñāsāra by Jitāri is preserved in Tibetan translation, but Steinkellner and Much 1995 p. 86 say they do not know anything about this.

Works by Jitāri