Prajñākaragupta (750-810)

Given dates (all in the Common Era) are approximate and represent the upper and lower possible extremes of the person's lifetime.

Teacher of Ravigupta (cf. PVV (R)-t A Peking 5722, 208a6; 266a5; Naudou 1968 p. 104); life dates: around 800. Jayanta Bhaṭṭa (ca. 840–900) not only mentions Ravigupta, but also quotes Pramāṇavārttikālaṅkāra (Sāṅkṛtyāyana 1953 p. 325,24) in Śukla 1936 I 70,26f. Vidyānanda (ca. 775–840) quotes Prajñākaragupta several times in the Aṣṭasāhasrī (e.g. p. 22,18f. = Pramāṇavārttikālaṅkārabhāṣya v. 131), according to Jain 1959 p. 49.

Works by Prajñākaragupta